Nature programs

Our nature programs are held year-round, and special accomodation programs (i.e., language interpreter, large print, etc.) are available. Please call the Nature Center (410-887-1815), or the Therapeutic office at 410-887-5370 for more information.

Below you can click on the links to view and/or register for our programs. Programs may also be viewed on our Facebook page. Also, below you will find links to our Newsletters and our Nature Quest program

Group Programs

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Maryland Green Center

Oregon Ridge Nature Center is now a Maryland Green Center!

This spring (2015), ORNC became certified by the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) as a Maryland Green Center. In addition to supporting community environmental learning and being a model for various sustainability practices, the key criterion to becoming a Maryland Green Center is helping local schools become MAEOE-certified Green Schools. ORNC is here to encourage and support schools to apply (or re-apply) for Green School Certification from MAEOE.

Green Schools provide high quality environmental education to its students. Why is environmental education for our youth so critical?  For so many reasons, including:

Maryland has recognized the benefits this type of education provides. Since 2011 Maryland has required environmental literacy as a requirement for high school graduation.  Schools from pre-K through grade 12 are required to provide a comprehensive program of environmental studies.  MAEOE certified Green Schools are well prepared to provide this education to its students.

If you are involved with a school interested in becoming a certified Green School,
please contact ORNC to see how we may assist you. We’d love to help!

For additional information about the Green Center certification process and how to become a MAEOE Green School, please visit www.maeoe.org.


In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.  ~ Baba Dioum